July 3, 2015

Since our founding almost 60 years ago, Easton Pool & Spa – in working with customers and potential customers – has placed a primary emphasis on safely enjoying and recreating in and around pools.

An in-ground pool … a pool of any type … can be the physical source and center of a tremendous amount of fun, joy, and happiness. Families and communities grow and become stronger around pools.

And this all happens when people using a pool care and are informed on how to safely enjoy – and responsibly act in accordance with this understanding – a pool.

Yet the fact is … and there should be no blinking at this reality, nor avoiding discussing it … ongoing, and every year, a tremendously high number of injuries and deaths result just from fundamental and basic rules of pool safety not being practiced and observed.

Here is a link to the start page – at the American Red Cross website – of a valuable tutorial on home pool, swimming, and water safety.

Easton Pool & Spa especially urges and promotes children learning to become accustomed to water, and to learn to swim, as early as possible. If you click here you will be taken to a story about teaching your children to swim, which was published inParents Magazine, and written by Kourtney Edam.

As described in the story, the “American Association of Pediatrics recommends that parents hold off on formal swimming lessons until after their child’s fourth birthday, when he’s developmentally able to learn the skills needed to stay afloat. Until then, consider a parent-child program that focuses on water games, swimming-readiness skills, and safety in and around the pool.”

Yes, teaching the “littlest among us” pool and water safety is of the most vital importance.

Consider this selection of relevant information and statistics from the National Safety Council:

  • There are over 7,000 drowning deaths nationally each year. Drowning accidents are the leading cause of death and injury of children under 5 years of age.
  • Drowning is the second leading cause of injury he second leading cause of injury-related death among children under the age of 15. (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
  • More than 80% of the drownings occur in residential pools or spas.
  • Each year 5000 children under the age of 14 are hospitalized for near drowning events. Of these, as many as of 20% suffer severe and permanent disabilities.
  • Nationwide, about 250 children under the age of 5 drown each year. Most of those incidents occur in backyard pools and studies have shown that usually an adult was nearby, but not watching the child when they fell in the pool.

Young people, all people, need to know that becoming incapacitated in water can happen fast … very fast … within a few seconds … and death by drowning can occur in as few as 30 seconds.

Children need to hold a healthy respect for … and understanding of … the perils of water.

This respect and understanding need not diminish any of the fun.

Pools are the business of Easton Pool & Spa … and constitute so much of the lives of all those who work for the company.

Where great backyards begin” is our mantra.

Great backyards. Great times. Great memories.

That’s what home pools should be all about – and that is what they are all about … when safety is practiced first and held paramount.


Swimmer near the edge of Devil's Pool, Victoria Falls, ZAMBIA (photo credit: Slaate)
Swimmer near the edge of Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls, ZAMBIA (photo credit: Slaate)

Easton Pool & Spa has achieved high and widespread distinction for excellence in pool design, building, and servicing of pools.

Always family owned, Easton Pool & Spa has been in business for close to 60 years.

Yes, that’s right, the Hobaica family has been installing pools since 1958.

For both 2013 and 2014, Pool & Spa News, the acclaimed industry trade publication, named Easton Pool & Spa as one of the nation’s “Top 50 Pool Builders.”

Among the many values and advantages that Easton Pool & Spa provides and delivers is the capability to plan and create pools with innovative and distinctive shapes and features.

Roman Pool at Hearst Castle (photo credit: Hearst Castle)
Roman Pool at Hearst Castle (photo credit: Hearst Castle)

Our staff always practices its profession with imagination and passion – and, over and over, and time and time again, we successfully respond to the imagination, ideas, and hopes of our customers.

If you click here you will be taken to a recent post, on this blog, in which we discuss how Easton Pool & Spa met the challenge of building a pool to the specifications of one of the world’s preeminent architects.

In keeping with the theme of innovative and distinctive, in today’s post, Easton Pool & Spa looks at some of the more unusual and interesting pools that can be found around the globe.

How about the Devil’s Swimming Pool at Victoria Falls in Zambia?   Nature made this pool; indeed, Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.  The Devil’s Swimming Pool is an infinity pool … with the water overflow dropping 100 meters to the rocks below.

Please click here to be taken to a video of girls playing it … literally … close to the edge at the Devil’s Swimming Pool.

There are few pools that more bespeak grandeur, opulence, and high society than the Neptune Pool and Roman Pool at the Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA.

The Neptune Pool, which took 12 years to build, and was completed in 1937, and the Roman Pool (constructed from 1927 through 1934), are styled on the architecture of the pools and baths of ancient Rome at its zenith.

The Badeschiff (German for the English “bathing ship”) is a floating pool, located in a harbor in the River Spree in Berlin.  The pool was fashioned from the hull of a ship.

While not, necessarily, that unusual … well, wait, we take that back, this pool is unusual … the pool with swim-up bar at Hotel Grace in Times Square affords an opportunity (located about 180 miles from where Easton Pool & Spa is located) to hang out and relax with beautiful people of the “thee” metropolis.

(Just a note – at present, because of renovations, the Hotel Grace pool is open, but not the bar.)

Here is a link to a Travel Channel video that features the Hotel Grace pool (a short advertisement precedes the video, but the wait is worth it).

This is just a sampling of extraordinary pools out there – including those that Easton Pool & Spa has designed and constructed.

In the future, here, we will present and discuss more pools of the “WOW” variety.




June 9, 2015

For the Hobaica family and the Easton Pool & Spa team, running and operating the business goes way beyond business – way beyond dollars and cents.

Easton Pool & Spa believes in being strongly engaged in the community – and in giving back. We act on this belief and notion.

In the following excerpt from his memoir and business treatise, A Rake, A Shovel, and A Used Pickup Truck: Building A Successful Family Pool Business, Easton Pool & Spa founder, Henry Hobaica, today advisor emeritus to the company, expounds on community – and the regard and gratitude Easton Pool & Spa has for it, and how we reciprocate:

Easton Pool & Spa benefits greatly from community – for most of our sales and business are still generated through word-of-mouth. As often happens, a couple buys a pool from us and their family enjoys it. Then, they have people over and the guests enjoy it. These guests start thinking about buying a pool. Easton Pool & Spa is recommended to them, and we receive a call.

Through hundreds of venues, in schools, youth sports, drama clubs, civic organizations, at the gym … you name it – people in these venues talk about Easton Pool & Spa.

The community is our greatest marketing and selling tool for Easton Pool & Spa.

The community buys from Easton Pool & Spa ….

David [Henry’s son], as president of the company, steers most of the Easton Pool & Spa charitable donations and civic support activities. For ten years, Easton Pool & Spa ran golf tournaments, benefiting worthy causes in southeastern Massachusetts. Easton Pool & Spa sponsors, supports and donates funds to youth tournaments. Easton Pool & Spa focuses a majority of its charitable contributions to youth sports and knowing, it is appropriate and achievable to ‘do well, by doing good things.’ After all, is there any more persistent and enthusiastic a pool sales person than a kid?”

So, you see, the support relationship between Easton Pool & Spa and the community is a two way street.

And, absolutely, Easton Pool & Spa fully intends and is fully dedicated to always being involved in the local community – and in giving to and supporting those people and causes that benefit society.


(image credit: Robert Laberge/Getty Images)
(image credit: Robert Laberge/Getty Images)

May 30, 2015

Erik Vendt is among the most accomplished swimmers in U.S. history. He won an Olympic gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing as a member of the U.S. 800-meter freestyle relay team – and silver medals in the 400-meter individual medley at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney and the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

Vendt is the former U.S. record holder in the 1,500 meter freestyle event with a time 14:59.11, a performance that made him the first American to break 15 minutes at this distance. Swimming for the University of Southern California, among Vendt’s many accomplishments were winning five NCAA titles, being named All American 15 times, and winning seven PAC-10 titles. In 2002, Vendt was named NCAA Swimmer of the Year.

Of this it is fairly certain – Erik Vendt knows something about pools – particularly the in-ground variety. As well, Erik Vendt is a native of North Easton. Easton Pool & Spa finds it wholly and mostly appropriate – and is honored – to feature Erik Vendt on our blog.

Vendt is the son of Bill and Kathy Vendt, who now live on Cape Cod.  Bill Vendt is an Oliver Ames High School grad. Erik Vendt has an older sister, Allison, also an accomplished swimmer, who attended Oliver Ames before transferring to the Peddie School from which she graduated.  Allison went on to the University of Notre Dame where she was a standout swimmer for the Fighting Irish.

As Erik Vendt achieved national ranking in youth swimming, he continued to attend Easton Schools.  However, following finishing 8th grade at Easton Junior High School, and in that at the time OA did not have a swimming program, he transferred to Boston College High School, which had swimming team with a distinguished record. (Remembering his days in the Easton school system, Vendt mentions that he ran in the Muscato mile, an event that the Easton Junior High School holds every year for boys and girls in the school’s 7th, 8th, and 9th grades.   With a bit of prodding, Vendt reveals that in 7th and 8th grade he finished second in the event, both times to future prep national champion middle distance runner Andy Powell, today a member of the Oliver Ames High School Athletic Hall of Fame.)

At BC High, Vendt won numerous state titles, and as a senior set a state 500-yard freestyle record that remains unbroken.  He graduated from BC High in 1999. Easton Pool & Spa caught up with Erik on the phone earlier this week.

“I have only been back in the area for less than a year – and am now living and working in South Boston,” said Erik.  “I love the Boston area, and it is great to be back here – and close to my family.”

Erik, who is single, explained that after he retired from competitive swimming in 2008, he entered the world of investment banking, and held positions with firms in San Francisco, Hong Kong, and, most recently, prior to returning to Boston, Los Angeles.

“I gained great experience, and I enjoyed the challenging environment, and did well,” said Erik.  “But the sector was not really my passion – and I decided to seek out opportunities with groups that were doing work that were my passion.”

And this brought Erik to South Boston and the start-up company WHOOP (which opened its doors four months ago).

WHOOP is a designer and manufacturer of a wearable device, a system, actually, that, as WHOOP describes, is, “… robust enough to prepare a Navy SEAL for battle, but with the form factor and design that the average athlete would be comfortable wearing 24 hours a day … ”

Erik works in business development for WHOOP.

“WHOOP is precisely the type of company for which I was looking.  And its people are extraordinarily smart and dedicated, and highly enthusiastic about their work.  WHOOP has a great culture, all around.”

Erik remains active, swimming, daily; he also does CrossFit training, and covers a lot of miles bicycling. He fondly remembers Easton, and remains close with friends he grew up with in the town.

And, as Easton Pool & Spa learned, the family of one of his Easton pals, Jay Barry, had an in-ground pool behind their home on Summer Street in which he used to swim – and hang ouut around – from time to time. (The Barry family has been a long-standing customer and friend of Easton Pool &  Spa.)

“I didn’t do any serious training in the pool – but, yeah, I used it.  I had a lot of fun over there.”

And which company built that pool?  Yes, that would be Easton Pool & Spa. A young man on his way to Olympic glory swimming in a pool we built. You didn’t think we were going to keep that bit of history a secret – did you?


 U.S. Lance Cpl. Isaiah Schultz with Afghan children in 2011 (image credit: U.S. Marine  Corps/Cpl.  Reece Lodder)

U.S. Lance Cpl. Isaiah Schultz with Afghan children in 2011 (image credit: U.S. Marine Corps/Cpl. Reece Lodder)

May 29, 2015

So … here we are … post Memorial Day 2015. Summer has unofficially begun – with the actual date this year being June 21st, which is also the date of the summer solstice this year – the longest day of the year.

Memorial Day Weekend has long been associated with pool openings and the first cookouts of the season. Many living in these parts – where Easton Pool & Spa is headquartered – make their first trip to the seashore on Memorial Day Weekend … or open up their summer cottages for the season on this weekend.

For sure, Memorial Day historically commences a busy time for Easton Pool & Spa.

All too often … and for far too many of us … Memorial Day is not nearly closely identified with … nor associated with … that with which it should most closely be identified, and that with which it should be most closely be associated: the remembrance and honoring of those who gave all in defense of our nation, and the preservation of our republic.

Easton Pool & Spa has a marketing slogan – and identifier: “Where great backyards begin!”

We are a most fortunate nation – one in which great backyards … safe backyards … havens free from fear … are taken for granted. We don’t even think about it.

Yet, of course, there are wide stretches of territory around the globe where terror and horror and warfare predominate. Carefree recreation and fun and comfortable socializing are only the stuff of the happiest and most distant of dreams.

Laughing and sitting around an in-ground pool? Swimming or wading in an in-ground pool. Cooking out and eating next to the pool? Reclining on a float in an in-ground pool?

Now, all of that is just sheer fantasy, never to be known or experienced. It is all something that happens in another place.

A place like the United States of America.

Fundamental to … and that on which our freedom and ability to exercise our natural rights depend … are those men and women who died while protecting and fighting for us.

All those who wore and wear the uniform of our armed forces secure and enforce the safety and preservation of our great nation.

Henry Hobaica, founder of Easton Pool & Spa, and still a valued advisor to the company, is a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, having served honorably with the U.S. Air Force.

It is good to luxuriate in the happiness so easily available to us in America – which includes all the fun in and around the pool.

It is also vitally important to the maintenance of America that we be ever mindful and show appreciation for who those died – and those who served – to ensure our happiness and our way of life.


Custom Pool with Retractable Wood Deck, on Martha's Vineyard; built for world famous architect by Easton Poo & Spa
Custom Pool with Retractable Wood Deck, on Martha’s Vineyard; built for world famous architect by Easton Pool & Spa

May 14, 2015

The early days … and early years … of Easton Pool & Spa were dedicated to building, exclusively, rectangle pools with sloping bottoms. Almost all these pools were one of three dimensions: 16′ x 32′, 18′ x 36′, or 20′ x 40′.

These pools were the figurative and literal foundation of our business. They remain a major component of our business. We remain busy building them.

Yet, of course, Easton Pool & Spa is also renown for – and indeed this area of our business is growing rapidly – designing and constructing pools with special features and custom shapes (yes, we did build a pool in the shape of a cactus) – and which may include a cabana, adjoining spa, waterfall, fine wood deck, stone patio, fire pit … among other elements.

Easton Pool & Spa enjoys a challenge – and we work with leading architects and designers to help realize dreams and realize a vision.

Indeed, back in 2013, we were tasked with a major challenge – in that one of the foremost and esteemed and award-winning building architects in the world contracted with Easton Pool & Spa to build his dream pool on his estate in Martha’s Vineyard.

It was teamwork – the planning and building of this pool – with the architect and the Easton Pool & Spa team exchanging ideas, talking, listening, and reviewing together.   

Early construction phase of custom 25' x 60' pool with deck, on Martha'Vineyard; built by Easton Pool & Spa
Early construction phase of custom 25′ x 60′ pool with deck, on Martha’Vineyard; built by Easton Pool & Spa

What resulted was a rectangle shaped pool – but not just any rectangle shaped pool.

It was a 25′ x 60′ overflow pool (the type of pool in which water gently cascades over an edge or multiple edges of the pool and then is circulated back into the pool) in which there was a seam – less than an inch in width – between the edge over and into which the water flowed and an adjoining wood deck.

Because this seam was so narrow – unlike the seam of four to six inches in width which separates most overflow pools from decks and patios – throughout the pool the surface of the water could not deviate in height more than an eighth-of-an-inch from the surface in any other part of the pool.

We also created for the architect a special wood deck that would cover the pool when it was not in use, and would disguise that a pool was beneath it – and, when the pool was in use, or to be viewed, would be contained within an underground receptacle, with the receptacle fully hidden.

First we created a folding deck – and then we worked with a steel fabricator which designed and built for the deck a folding aluminum chassis. The fabricator engineered an system of motorized pistons that rolled out the deck into place over the pool, and which retracted the deck into the below-ground bunker.

Easton Pool & Spa was also enlisted by the architect to accentuate the pool with custom lighting – with the lighting fixtures needing to have just the right look, and with the bulbs delivering a subtle and a precise element of illumination.

We met the lighting challenge as well.

When the pool was finished and ready for use, its owner – again, among the most gifted designers and building artisans on the planet – declared that what Easton Pool & Spa had delivered was extraordinary excellence and the highest premium in quality.


Robert Hobaica and dad, Henry, founder of Easton Pool & Spa; in 2013
Robert Hobaica and dad, Henry, founder of Easton Pool & Spa; in 2013

May 7, 2015

With our roots going back to 1958 – close to 60 years ago – Easton Pool & Spa has experienced and adopted many new materials and technologies and systems to build our pools – and to receive national recognition and awards for the quality and excellence we deliver.

For sure, we have become a lot more sophisticated in our methods than when our founder Henry Hobaica launched the enterprise with an inventory of tools that consisted of no more than a rake, a shovel, and a used pickup truck.

Indeed, A Rake, a Shovel and A Used Pickup Truck is the name of the book that Henry authored on his and the Hobaica family history and experience in the pool building business.

But still … even with all the advances … pool construction is never on autopilot.

Every pool we build requires manual labor – whether it is a concrete pool with a vinyl liner, which necessitates highly demanding labor … or whether it is a pool formed from gunite, a substance of sand, cement, and water sprayed through a pneumatic tube … which is also a process involving physical labor, if not as intense as when working with concrete and vinyl.

There is no better person to testify to this than Robert Hobaica, Vice President and co-owner of Easton Pool & Spa. Robert heads up and focuses on the on-site construction end of things.  

Easton Pool & Spa pool, with attached pool, under construction – 2013
Easton Pool & Spa pool, with attached spa, under construction – 2013

I actually started building pools back in high school – back in 1980,” said Robert. “I was involved in a work study program at Oliver Ames High School, in which I got out of school at noon and would go to work helping out my dad.”

Robert graduated from Oliver Ames High School in 1982, and went on to Framingham State College from which he graduated in 1986.

While on break from college, during the late spring and early summer, he worked full time for the family business.

Robert was always directly involved in the digging and excavating and grading and leveling of ground, and the pouring of concrete, to make the foundation of the pool.

Excavating and pouring concrete was and remains very labor intensive – more so than working with gunite,” said Robert, who, himself, operates excavating equipment on Easton Pool & Spa jobs.

You know, I think back to a day in the mid 1990s – at a time when we hired from a reliable employment firm in Brockton many hardworking day laborers.

But it didn’t always work out. Like that day – when we hired two laborers who helped us pour concrete for a pool in Hanover. Well we got done with that job around noon – and then headed to Mansfield to pour another pool.

And, you know, I am driving this big truck, and I have two of these laborers – whom I had not worked with before – sitting in the cab with me. So we are in Brockton, and we stop at a stoplight on Legion Parkway … and one of these guys opens the passenger side door, and both of the guys jump out and run off; they just took off. I guess they had enough of pouring concrete.”

In 2010, Easton Pool & Spa added gunite pools to its inventory of offerings.

“Of the pools we build, the split is about 75 percent concrete, and 25 percent gunite,”  said Robert. “Right now, Easton Pool & Spa has 30 pools under construction across eastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod and the Islands, with nine being built on Martha’s Vineyard alone.”

Through the years, Robert Hobaica has been a lead innovator for Easton Pool & Spa.

It was in 2001, that he advised and pushed for the company to drill for its own water to fill the pools we build. This initiative has resulted in the highly successful Atlantic Pool Water Services, Inc., the leading provider of pool water in southeastern Massachusetts.

Robert will often stay and work on site with one job from start to completion – yet he also will travel across many sites to inspect and monitor construction.

He remains focused and motivated.

I’ve been with Easton Pool & Spa a long time, and I continue to be energized to do my best, and help the people with whom I work do their best, every day and in every pool we build.

I am fortunate to do this work – and to receive a tremendous amount of satisfaction and fulfillment from it.”


The Craig family pool on Jjra Lane in Easton; built by Easton Pool & Spa
The Craig family pool on Jjra Lane in Easton; built by Easton Pool & Spa

April 25, 2015

Early in 1991, when Jim and Sharlene (Charlie) Craig moved into their beautiful home on Jyra Lane in Easton, they took residence understanding they would as fast as possible add an in-ground pool to the property.

Jim, the Easton native and goalie for the 1980 U.S. Olympic “Miracle on Ice” hockey team, and one of eight kids, grew up in a modest home with one bathroom.on North Main Street in Easton. There was no in-ground pool — or pool of any type. However, the family did have a small cottage in Mattapoisett, within a few hundred yards of the ocean — and all the Craig kids loved the water and loved swimming.     

Jim Craig in action against Finland in the 1980 Winter Olympics.  The U.S. beat Finland, 4-2, and clinched the gold medal.
Jim Craig in action against Finland in the 1980 Winter Olympics. The U.S. beat Finland, 4-2, and clinched the gold medal.

Charlie grew up in modest means in Salt Lake City, UT. There was no pool at her house, either — and no ocean in which to swim. But she did swim at the homes of friends and in public pools.

Yes, Jim and Charlie, were going to have a pool — as much for their children as for themselves.

When they moved into their new home, their first-born, a son, JD, – for James Donald (named for Jim’s dad) – was three years old – and Charlie was pregnant with their second child, a daughter, whom they would name Taylor.

We knew almost right away that it would be Easton Pool & Spa that would build the pool,” said Charlie. “We had friends who had pools built by Easton Pool & Spa and the Hobaicas, and all we heard were good things. Through the entire process of planning and having the pool built, working with the Hobaicas was a positive experience.”

Charlie and Jim both wanted a pool that had a natural look and which blended with and complemented their landscaping.

I love the water, and the outdoors — and I wanted a pool that looked and felt like nature,” said Jim. “And Charlie being from Utah, with its beautiful and awesome landscapes and rock and stone formations, and rushing water, absolutely wanted a rock waterfall for the pool.”

Jim, today one of the most in demand motivational speakers and teamwork coaches in America, has always highly valued cooperation and team.

Easton Pool.& Spa listened to what was our vision, and offered its expertise and suggestions,” said Jim. “As well, the Easton Pool & Spa team worked well with our landscaping contractor.”

Both our children learned to swim in the pool,” said Charlie. “Jim and I taught them.”

Through the years, the family made use of the pool a staple and feature of life.  And Jim and Charlie always hired Easton Pool & Spa for maintenance, and purchased pool supplies from the company.

The Craig family pool was a busy place.

If the temperature was warm or hot, and we were in Easton, then we in or around the pool,” said Jim. “And we did a lot of socializing in entertaining around the pool — and we encouraged Taylor and JD to invite their friends over to use it — which they regularly did.”

In 2010, the Craigs sold their home in Easton, and now split their time between a home in Mattapoisett and one in St. Petersburg, FL., where they have an in-ground pool.

JD, who holds a bachelor’s degree from Mercy College, is a sales representative for Bausch & Lomb. Taylor, a four year scholarship hockey player for Colgate University, graduates from the school next month.

Just last month, Jim had an opportunity to meet up with Easton Pool & Spa founder, Henry Hobaica, and his son, Paul, the former head of the service division of the company, and now a physician in Florida.

The three met and talked at a medical industry meeting in Tampa where Jim addressed a group of medical doctors.

It was wonderful to see Henry and Paul again,” said Jim. “They are standout people – and Easton Pool & Spa is a standout team.”


unnamed (1)

April 16, 2015

The roots of Easton Pool & Spa go back almost 60 years.  We have always been family owned.

During our time in business, we have distinguished ourselves for quality, uncompromising customer service, creativity, and for innovation and leading on developments in the industry.

An area in which Easton Pool & Spa has been, and continues to be, out front is in the designing of pools in which the water is sanitized through salt water chlorination – rather than through the traditional filtration system which uses  synthetically developed chlorines as a cleansing agent.

In fact, about 95 percent of our new pool builds are “salt” pools.

Easton Pool & Spa also converts pools to salt sanitizing pools.

Salt water chlorinated pools were introduced to the U.S. in the early 1980s.  However, they did not start taking off in this country until about 10 years ago.

With a salt water pool, you are still using chlorine – but unlike with a traditional chlorine pool, you are generating your own chlorine.

There are many benefits to salt water chlorination over traditional chlorination; among them are the following:

  • Water sanitized with salt is far softer, far less irritating on the skin, than water sanitized with synthetic chlorine.
  • Salt water chlorinators deliver a steady flow of chlorine – and eliminate the need to buy, store, and manually disperse chlorine.
  • Salt water pools are also friendlier to your wallet – with salt costing considerably less than synthetic chlorine.

We would be happy to answer any of your questions regarding pools that use salt as a sanitizer.

Feel free to call us at the office, or submit a question or comment here, or stop in to one of our retail stores, in South Easton (811 Washington Street, Rte. 138) or Walpole (925 East Street, Rte. 27).

Whether a traditional chlorine pool, or pool chlorinated with salt, Easton Pool &  Spa is a leader in designing, building, and servicing.



Present Day Satellite Photo of the First Pool Sold by Easton Pool & Spa President Dave Hobaica
Present Day Satellite Photo of the First Pool Sold by Easton Pool & Spa President Dave Hobaica

April 9, 2015

We are going back 23 years ago, now – to a day in early spring 1992. Dave Hobaica was running the retail end of the Easton Pool & Spa business. All areas of Easton Pool & Spa were doing well. Things were busy.

Dave Hobaica was about to enter a new phase of the enterprise.

“One aspect of my job in handling our retail operations was to field inquiries from people interested in, or inquiring about, us building a pool for them,” said Dave, president of Easton Pool & Spa.  “What I would do is collect information … mostly contact information … and then hand the lead over to my father who would then follow up.”

So, on this day, as was his customary course, Dave was taking down info from a prospective customer. But then Dave changed course a bit – for he resolved, right there and then, to commence selling the pool himself. He listened and discussed options and pricing and other factors. The ball was rolling, and within a few days, the prospective customer became a customer.

“The pool was installed in June of 1992, in Hanover,” said Dave. “It was an 18′ x 36′ with Roman end, which is an end with a bowed and curved shape.”

With the selling and customer relations bug within him, and with his father Henry Hobaica’s approval and support, Dave engaged more and more in hands-on and direct marketing and selling of pools.

He became very good at it.

“In 1996, my brothers, Paul and Robert, and myself, bought out my father’s financial interest in the business, and selling became a primary function for me. It remains so to this day.”

Dave estimates that he has sold more than 1,000 pools in his career with Easton Pool & Spa.

Through the years, Dave explains that for him the process of selling and helping people select the best pool, and securing for them the best value, has changed and evolved.

“Early on, for almost all my pool sales and transactions, the vast portion of those sales and transactions took place on site at our offices and show rooms. Starting several years ago, and continuing, the way I conduct sales is to visit the home and talk with the homeowner; I evaluate the backyard, and listen to what the homeowner envisions and is thinking – and I share my ideas and provide advice. There are so many factors involved when deciding on a type of pool, including is it for exercise or more casual recreation; how many people will use the pool, and how many at the same time … and so many more factors.

“What I try to do is to think about an overall plan for the pool – for the short-term, and longer and further out. For example, a family might not have it in its budget to put in a pool house or a fire pit – but may want these additions, and will be available to afford them later. In these cases, I make sure the pool is designed and installed in a way that makes it easier and more economical to add later than had we not prepared and looked ahead.”

Dave Hobaica does not see himself stepping away from marketing and selling anytime soon.

“Working with homeowners, and helping them select and decide on just the right pool – and then delivering on a promise and assisting in realizing what, for many, is no small piece of the American Dream … and understanding the happiness and fun that that pool will provide for years and years … well, it is all fulfilling and immensely gratifying.”