Swimmer near the edge of Devil's Pool, Victoria Falls, ZAMBIA (photo credit: Slaate)
Swimmer near the edge of Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls, ZAMBIA (photo credit: Slaate)

Easton Pool & Spa has achieved high and widespread distinction for excellence in pool design, building, and servicing of pools.

Always family owned, Easton Pool & Spa has been in business for close to 60 years.

Yes, that’s right, the Hobaica family has been installing pools since 1958.

For both 2013 and 2014, Pool & Spa News, the acclaimed industry trade publication, named Easton Pool & Spa as one of the nation’s “Top 50 Pool Builders.”

Among the many values and advantages that Easton Pool & Spa provides and delivers is the capability to plan and create pools with innovative and distinctive shapes and features.

Roman Pool at Hearst Castle (photo credit: Hearst Castle)
Roman Pool at Hearst Castle (photo credit: Hearst Castle)

Our staff always practices its profession with imagination and passion – and, over and over, and time and time again, we successfully respond to the imagination, ideas, and hopes of our customers.

If you click here you will be taken to a recent post, on this blog, in which we discuss how Easton Pool & Spa met the challenge of building a pool to the specifications of one of the world’s preeminent architects.

In keeping with the theme of innovative and distinctive, in today’s post, Easton Pool & Spa looks at some of the more unusual and interesting pools that can be found around the globe.

How about the Devil’s Swimming Pool at Victoria Falls in Zambia?   Nature made this pool; indeed, Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.  The Devil’s Swimming Pool is an infinity pool … with the water overflow dropping 100 meters to the rocks below.

Please click here to be taken to a video of girls playing it … literally … close to the edge at the Devil’s Swimming Pool.

There are few pools that more bespeak grandeur, opulence, and high society than the Neptune Pool and Roman Pool at the Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA.

The Neptune Pool, which took 12 years to build, and was completed in 1937, and the Roman Pool (constructed from 1927 through 1934), are styled on the architecture of the pools and baths of ancient Rome at its zenith.

The Badeschiff (German for the English “bathing ship”) is a floating pool, located in a harbor in the River Spree in Berlin.  The pool was fashioned from the hull of a ship.

While not, necessarily, that unusual … well, wait, we take that back, this pool is unusual … the pool with swim-up bar at Hotel Grace in Times Square affords an opportunity (located about 180 miles from where Easton Pool & Spa is located) to hang out and relax with beautiful people of the “thee” metropolis.

(Just a note – at present, because of renovations, the Hotel Grace pool is open, but not the bar.)

Here is a link to a Travel Channel video that features the Hotel Grace pool (a short advertisement precedes the video, but the wait is worth it).

This is just a sampling of extraordinary pools out there – including those that Easton Pool & Spa has designed and constructed.

In the future, here, we will present and discuss more pools of the “WOW” variety.

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